Wooden Twiddle Horse Racing

This game is unique to our company and is not available elsewhere at the time of adding it to this website.

Twiddle Horse Racing is a hand made wooden game which is a real crowd pleaser and brings the thrill of the races to your event. Contestants ‘twiddle’ the spindle to get their horse to race up the track. The faster they ‘twiddle’, the faster their horse goes. It is great competitive fun and suitable for adults and children. If you have a loud and outgoing staff member, get them to commentate for extra fun.

We are also able to offer Twiddle Horse Racing with a member of our staff to commentate at an additional cost. PA systems are also available to hire.

For Christmas parties and events, we also have Wooden Reindeer Twiddle Horse Racing available.




  • Suitable for adults and children
  • best suited for indoor use
  • Commentator and/or PA system supplied at an extra cost if required
  • 6 contestants twiddling at a time 
  • Great competitive fun
  • Back the riders (twiddlers) and the horses themselves