Snowboard Simulator

There’s no need to leave the UK to enjoy all the thrills and spills of snowboarding in snowy mountains! With our brilliant snowboard simulator, we bring the fun to you. Cameras at the ready at everyone at the event will be papping away, imagining you speeding down black run pistes!

Obviously, part of being a snowboarder is looking super cool, but it can be quite hard to maintain your balance, dignity and cool vibes when you are trying to outmanoeuvre the pesky snowboard. Unlike the real slopes, you won’t get scratched up, as you will land on the padded, bouncy bed, so there is no excuse to try to snowboard as fast as possible!

The snowboard simulator will be supervised by a trained operator who will ensure everyone’s safety as well as run a fun competitive environment throughout the event.

The snowboard simulator is suitable for anyone other than young children, and makes an ideal choice to hire for Christmas parties, corporate events and winter weddings.

Luckily, knowing the British weather, the snowboard simulator is suitable for indoor or outdoor hire.

It’s not just the snowboard simulator that is the perfect accompaniment to a winter extravaganza, we also have the Rodeo Reindeer, Rodeo Christmas Pudding and Santa’s Grotto and much, much more.

Please give the office a call today to discuss all the possibilities available and let Big Bash and Corporate help throw the best winter party ever!