Higher or Lower / Play Your Cards Right Side Stall

Good game, good game!

Higher or Lower or Play Your Cards Right is a fun game suitable for adults and children. Contestants predict whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the previous. Get to the end of the first row and you have the opportunity to change the card before you start the second row.

This fairground style side stall is normally operated by our fun and uniformed member of staff. Traditional uniform includes black trousers, waistcoat, dicky bow and boater. We also have our more casual uniform incorporating a purple polo shirt. Suitable prizes are also supplied. We can however hire the equipment only.

Our fairground side stalls measure 8ft x 10ft. They are fully weather resistant in a blue and white finish. Should it rain, contestants are able to continue to play under the canopy overhang. The side stall will be dressed with appropriate prizes and stunning hand painted banners.