Gladiator Duel

Our stunning hand painted Gladiator Duel is great energetic fun and will always draw a crowd at any corporate event, fun day or wedding.

The Roman amphitheatre artwork on this inflatable is absolutely spectacular and has to be the best gladiator duel in the country! It has been specially designed and made for our company and has higher than standard walls for safety.

This will test the balance and strength of the contestants to the full. It is fantastic fun for contestants and spectators alike. Two opponents stand on the gladiator podiums and attempt to knock each other off using padded pugil sticks provided.






  • Size 20ft diameter approx
  • Higher walls for safety
  • Spectacular hand painted Roman gladiator / amphitheater  artwork
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor hire
  • Safety mats supplied
  • Suitable for older children, teens and adults
  • Safety head gear provided