Cash Grabber / Grab a Grand

Our Cash Grabber or Grab a Grand machine is based on the same principle as the fun game on ‘The Crystal Maze’. Contestants have 30 seconds (or more depending on the event) to collect as much cash as they can when inside the pod. Cash Grabber is great energetic fun for contestants and makes great viewing for spectators especially as it acts like a hall of mirrors – take a look at some of the pictures below. It is an ideal choice for corporate fun days, christmas parties, product launches and exhibitions.

Our Grab a Grand is equipped with remote controlled multi coloured LED lighting which can strobe and flash to add to the effect and experience. It has a mirrored back and a highly visible countdown timer.

The air circulation within this cash cube machine is produced by a powerful multi-speed motor to control the speed of the air flow and circulation of the notes, money, vouchers or whatever form of grab item you wish to use. If you want to use real money then we respectfully ask you to use your own!