Candy Floss

Our traditional 2 wheeled candy floss carts are hired with a member of our staff to spin the candy floss and serve your guests. We will make the candy floss fresh at your event and our attendant will serve it on a stick or in a bag allowing your guests to take it home.

We can make approximately 100 portions of freshly spun candy floss per hour. A wide choice of pre chosen flavours are available including Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, Maple, Chocolate, Pina Colada, Sassy Apple, Sizzling Yellow (sour), Leaping Lime, Orange, Banana, White Citrus Passion Fruit, Birthday Cake, Cherry Berry and Spookie Fruiti. These flavours are subject to availability and possible extra charge.

If you are expecting large numbers at your event they they can be positioned in a stylish side stall. Why not add Pop Corn as well?